Ahhhh...Spring Break!

Gotta love spring break!

I didn't get to enjoy Monday-Wednesday of this week, but I was able to take off yesterday and today to spend with Jenna.

Yesterday, my friend Kylene came to visit. If you will recall, she moved to Alabama about this time last year and we have not seen each other much. She brought her daughters Mady and Shelby to play with Jenna and we just had a fabulous time! Shelby's not quite one yet, so she didn't do much playing with them, but the older girls had a good time. And of course, in the selfish way, it was wonderful for Kylene and I because we had time to catch up after 7 months of just sporadic conversation via short emails. It was rather sad because after they left, Jenna and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and Jenna asked if when I was a little girl and my friends left, did I ever feel lonely? And of course, I told her I did and knew exactly how she felt.

Anyway, we went and had lunch at McDonald's playland and the girls played some. I always enjoy when we go there with friends because Jenna enjoys it so much more. We came back and the girls played a little more and then finally they had to leave. Jenna and I watched the Nativity Story, which I know we are one holiday off, but we'd had it from Netflix for quite some time and I just could not find the time to watch it.

I'm glad we got to do it though because I'd never seen it and it was wonderful to watch the birth of the Savior right here during Holy Week. Once that was over, Steve was home, so I got up and cooked dinner. It was nice to have dinner all fixed and eaten by 6pm.

Once we finished dinner, we went and did some shopping for Gage's party on Saturday and stopped at Lowe's. And of course, at Target, we picked up Wii Play for the Wii which Jenna and I played until bedtime!

On the schedule today is getting the laundry started, making the menu and grocery list for the weekend, wrapping birthday gifts, coloring eggs and getting ready to go see Horton Hears a Who tonight. And, who knows what else we might find to get into!!! :)

One last exciting thing was that we booked our flight to Tampa the other night. I had received an email from my friend Carrie talking about how flight costs were going to skyrocket soon with the increase in gas prices. I'm still looking for someone to buy my Delta voucher, but for now, at least the cruise is taken care of!

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Anonymous said...

Sandra -
It's me Stephanie. Anyway, try posting the vouchers on craig's list. You might be able to get rid of them there.