Back Among the Living-Just in Time for a Snow Day!

I finally feel like I am truly back among the living just in time for a wonderful snow day! The snow started earlier than we expected last night and we were out in it. It was touch and go driving for a while. We passed a car slid off on it's top on I-65 on the way home. Because of the way the front was moving, the southwest got the snow first and so "the hill" was pretty dense. But we got home fine and at 7am, Jenna came running in all aflutter about the snow. We managed to stay inside until about 9 and then we all bundled up and went out. Even though it was freezing, the wind wasn't blowing and so it didn't feel as cold and so we shed quite a few layers after a while.I guess this was probably the most snow Jenna had seen in her short life. It's probably one of just a few good snows I actually remember. The best was the snow about 5 years ago that dumped 10 inches on us! This time, we got a good 4 inches!Our first order of business was to build a snowman. The snow was great packing snow, but it's clear we don't live in a snowy portion of the country because our snowman looks more like a cone head than a Frosty. But Jenna did a lot to make this snow man and Steve and I really worked ourselves to get him looking good. Unfortunately, Frosty fell forward on his face as the sun rose and is slowly melting away already. Gotta love Tennessee weather!

After the roads had melted, we went out on a few errands. After my scrapbooking retreat, I wanted a desk light with a full spectrum bulb and I had gotten this idea for my scrapbooking room. I wanted something like a 2x2 with hooks on it in which I could hang my sticker protectors. So, off to Lowe's we went. I picked out the 2x2, then the pink spray paint and golden hooks. Brought it all home, put a couple coats of paint on the 2x2 and showed Steve what I had in mind and voila! Here it is. I have only hung up one of the protectors yet because I'm sorting through my stickers. There are some that I've had since I started scrapbooking and I'm giving those to Jenna to play with. I still have a fair amount of baby stickers I was holding onto in case I were to get pregnant again and so I'm pulling those out and putting them aside for Gage's book (if I ever get around to starting it). I didn't get very far in the organization, but you can at least see what I've done to the room. I think the pink compliments the green walls and I can't wait to get some pictures and other accessories to go in there.

Let's see...couple other exciting things...my friend Angela emailed me last week to announce she is expecting baby #2! She is such a fabulous aunt to her nieces and nephews and now a great mom to her son that I am totally stoked that she is pregnant again! In other baby news, my friend Farrah had her baby boy a week ago Thursday. She and her husband (and family and friends) are totally excited. I have to go see her as soon as I feel that this stomach bug is totally out of my system. I still have to take her a baby gift and now she's got a nice order of scrapbooking stuff I need to deliver.

Finally, tomorrow the new Super Target in "the hill" opens. I cannot wait! Just to think that I will have no more than a 5 minute drive to a Super Target (the only one in Middle Tennessee) is about more than I can stand! Next weekend, the Kohl's opens. Then, soon to follow, Books A Million, a multiplex theatre, an already opened Logans and Cracker Barrell...there's so many stores coming that I can't even name them all, but I will not have to leave the hill for anything other than work and church (and that might not even be for long!).

OK, I think I'm only about 95% back to capacity, so I'm beat after my romp in the snow today. Jenna is asleep on the couch with me and Steve is watching TV in our bedroom (which probably means he's asleep too. We lose an hour tonight with the change to daylight savings time, but it will be so nice to have an extra hour of daylight too.

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Sorry but you don't have the only Super Target in Middle Tennessee....the one in Smyrna also opened yesterday, the shopping center also has a Kohls that was open before Christmas.

Sandra said...

Shows what I know, huh?