Fun weekend!

I had such a great weekend! I took off at noon (ish) on Thursday and about 3pm, we headed to a state park just a little south of us. "Us", being Rachel and I. Thursday night, we scrapbooked until after midnight. Friday, we made it to 2am and then last night, we turned in at 1am. No morning were we later than 9am getting started. It was marvelous! We do this every Spring and Fall and it is by far one of the things we look forward to for months. I'm sad that it's over now. And I have to wait until October to go again! But we both got so much done. Rachel is actually quite nearly caught up, so I may be scrapbooking alone for a while!

I am sure Tuesday will be a sad weigh in day because when we are there, they bring in dinner and lunch and there's not much to choose from. I'm sure I gained at least a pound back. I might go run/walk tomorrow and try to get it off before weigh in!

Micah and Gage came and stayed with Steve this weekend. I got to spend about 2 hours with them when I got home this afternoon. After scrapbooking some old pictures this weekend which included the kids, I was feeling a little homesick to see Micah. And of course, you know how much I love seeing my baby boy! I got some good pictures, but I have not had any time to post them.

OK, that's about it for a while. I am about to post a little about Jenna's upcoming magazine fundraiser, so stay tuned...

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