Home Sweet Home

We finally got Steve home last night about 7:30pm. Well, we didn't actually get HOME until nearly 9pm, but his plane landed around 7:30.

He left JFK at 8:30 en route to Raleigh/Durham. Their flight arrive in RDU at about 10:50am and the flight to Cincinnati was supposed to leave about 11:10am. The airlines told them there was a 2:30 flight leaving that would still get them into Nashville at 5pm which would keep them from having to race to meet the Cincy plane and give them just a little more than an hour layover in Cincy. So, they took it and got a meal AND $400 travel voucher for their trouble. 2:30 rolls around and they are going to be delayed "a few minutes, but they would still make their connection" in Cincy. Well, 90 minutes later and their flight was ready to leave, but at the time they were leaving Raleigh/Durham, their flight leaving Cincinnati was departing. Needless to say, they missed it. Before they left RDU, they confirmed them on the 9pm flight from Cincinnati to Nashville. When they finally reached Cincinnati, the very nice Delta attendant booked them right away on the earlier, 7pm flight to Nashville. Rachel, Hannah, Jenna and I were at the airport early, found the luggage which was all there (amazingly enough) and then went upstairs to meet the men. They came dragging off the plane and there was Jenna and Hannah holding a "Welcome Home Daddy" sign. It was the best part of the week in my opinion!

Steve was home today and resting, but it's back to work tomorrow. We've had some time to talk about the trip and he says he would definitely do it again. I'm about to upload his photos and I'll post some later this week with the stories behind them.

Thanks for your constant prayers and support while I was a single mom. What I learned was that if ever I was faced with being single again (heaven forbid) I am strong enough to do it, but given the choice, I DON'T WANT TO!!!!


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