Feeling like "Mother of the Year"

OK, so you mothers out there will appreciate this story...

YMCA camp called me this afternoon saying that Jenna was complaining of a sore throat. I knew that she'd mentioned it briefly and in passing a couple days before, but I wouldn't call it "complaining". I talked to Jenna and she said it was just hurting "a little" and she didn't need to go see Dr. Mary (which is how I can tell if she's really feeling bad). I told her that if Daddy came by and she decided not to stay at camp, then she'd HAVE to go see Dr. Mary.

Well, a few minutes later, Steve called and said she was leaving camp. I was in a bind at this point because I really didn't feel she was sick because she wasn't achy, feverish, coughing, congested, runny or feeling bad in general. But because I told her I was going to call the doctor if she left camp, I did and just asked if they could run a quick strep test just to be safe.

As many of you know, when it comes to Jenna being sick (or Steve for that matter), I can't stand it. I will run her to the doctor as often as they will let me just so I can satisfy my paranoia that she's perfectly fine less some allergies and sinus infections. I figured she was just having "Daddy Withdrawal" since Steve's just been back a day and then went to work today. But, again, I remembered that she'd mentioned her throat in passing in the past few days and I knew if I didn't take her and she came down with a horrible cold or strep, I'd feel like a loser mom.

So, off we go...we got to see Nurse Libby (who we LOVE!). Told her what the problem was and she looked at her throat. She said she didn't have strep, but would do a swab anyway. I told Nurse Libby that I'd taken her off her Singulair because we were out of refills and since we were coming in for her 6 year check in 2 weeks, I thought I'd see how she did on the Zyrtec alone and discuss it at her checkup. She did say her throat looked a little "yucky" probably from drainage caused by stopping the Singulair. So, off she went with the big cotton swab.

Dr. Mary came in (who, by the way is the BEST pediatrician in the state of Tennesee...) :) She was asking Jenna questions, how she felt, how her summer was going and as always just going on and on about how beautiful and big she was. Jenna, as usual, was eating it up. Then, there's a knock at the door and it's Nurse Libby holding the strep test...two blue lines...much to EVERYONE'S suprise (and for the first time ever) she has strep throat!!! You could have blown the nurse and doctor down with a feather, but oddly enough, I just wanted to CHEER! It's like for once, my paranoia paid off!!!! And, I know with an infection, I get an antibiotic and can "fix" her. They just couldn't believe it because she was acting so normal. She said either we caught it really early (kudos to me) or it was just a very mild case. She even said she could go to camp tomorrow because she's not contagious. It's weird, but I felt like I had that mother's intuition and it paid off because I potentially kept her from becoming a very sick little lady right before we are making a weekend trek to Atlanta AND a week in Alabama staying with our friends the Jones'.

That's my story. And if you are a paranoid mom, it's your story too. Score 1 for the PARANOID MOMS!!!

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Stacey said...

Yahoo!!! From one paranoid mom to another isn't it great to be validated!