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Well, I've been scolded again for not updating my blog more often. But my stay here at The Jones' home has been relaxing (for the most part!), so there's really nothing to update!

Yesterday, we got up early and went to the indoor swimming pool. I guess we swam for a couple hours and it really was a fun time. The girls got along well and Jenna surprised me by swimming all over the place! I couldn't believe my eyes. The two weeks at the YMCA must have really done some good. I have video of Jenna swimming, but I can't load it up as I'm using Kylene's laptop. Couldn't figure out how to get my laptop up on her wireless network. Weird...Anyway...yesterday, we swam until about 11:00 and then came home and ate lunch. We made the girls rest for a couple hours while the baby was down (Kylene's, not mine!) and after everyone got up, I got Jenna and myself bathed/showered and we headed out to do some errands at Walmart. While we were there, we decided to treat ourselves to Schlotsky's instead of cooking when we got home. We had a good night. Kylene's husband was out of town, so it was just us girls. We went to bed earlier than before and got a good night's rest.

This morning, Kylene had to work at the church from about 8:30 until 12:30. She took the baby with her, but I kept the older girls. We played a few games, watched a little TV and then had lunch. Once Kylene got home, we took the girls bowling. It was fun. Jenna is napping right now, which is a first for this week. Tomorrow, we are going to the jumpy place and then Steve will be joining us tomorrow night. I think that will be fun too. Friday, Steve, Jenna and I are going to the Space Center. Friday night, we are watching the girls so Kylene and her husband can go out for their anniversary. It's sort of our payment for them letting us crash their house all week and upset their lives...

Oh, and one other tidbit of information that has nothing to do with our vacation...Jenna's decided she wants to take either violin or piano lessons. I'm a little hesitant because I think she's young, but the music teacher at school said that violin can be taught without knowing how to read so we are going to try that for a semester and see how it goes. I think we'll try to go through BWAC at church first, but if they don't have available times for us, we'll go through the school. They are both the same price for the same amount of lessons, so it will come down to who can actually accomodate our schedule.

That's it for now...I'll post pictures and videos when I get home.


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The Millsaps said...

Glad you are getting time to relax. Hurry home!!