Not tonight... :(

Well, it doesn't appear Steve's going to make it home tonight. :( :( :(

At about 3:30 today, I decided to check online and make sure there were no delays in the flight from JFK to Nashville. As soon as I signed on to the Delta homepage, there was an "advisory" stating many flights had been canceled due to weather. Immediately I knew...sure enough, I searched for his flight number and in big RED letters was the word, "CANCELED". UGH.

It's a repeat of what happened to us in Thailand. You fly half way across the world and get so close to home and then you are unable to make it the rest of the way. What's even more frustrating is that when I saw it, I was unable to reach Steve as he was still in the air. I immediately called Rachel (whose husband David is also on the trip) and she totally sympathized. Can I say what a blessing it is to have someone understand your disappointment? Thank God for her.

Anyway, I went ahead and left Steve a voice mail on his cell to warn him and also let him know that I was OK. I knew he'd worry about me after my complete meltdown in Chicago trying to get home from Thailand. I finally got a text from him saying he had landed safely and would call soon. However, at this point, I haven't heard anything from him. After I talked to Rachel and calmed down inside a little, I went into survival mode thinking of all the RE-arrangements that had to be made. I'll be fine...just another night in bed with Jenna I guess!

I'm off to eat Mexican (my favorite comfort food!) with Rachel and Hannah. Hopefully soon we'll know when we'll see our MEN. I'll update you all later...but don't stop praying...


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