Well, looks like it will be tomorrow before Steve gets home. And not just tomorrow, but tomorrow night about 5pm! The flight he and David are confirmed on leaves JFK at 8:30am, but flies to Raleigh-Durham, then Cincinnati and then into Nashville. Unless by some miracle they get an earlier flight from Cincinnati, they are due to be in at 5:07pm. Tonight they are staying at a Clarion Inn in Queens, NY.

Such a pity to be right in the Big Apple and not able to sightsee. Although at this point, they are all so tired and punch drunk, not many of them would care anything about sightseeing. Steve said he was NOT going to get postcards from Raliegh Durham or Cincinnati! I had encouraged him to at least get postcards from the airports he went to (Moldova, JFK and Budapest) because it counts as "been there" if he gets a postcard. Plus, it will go into his Moldova scrapbook that I'm going to make him.

Anyway, that's the story. Keep the prayers coming. I won't feel at ease until his plane hits the tarmack at BNA!

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