Horseback Riding and Mittens

OK, I'm going to try and upload some video of Mittens the kitten (oh, good grief...I didn't realize how that sounded until just now).

This was done today. He's already getting bigger...he might weigh 1.5 pounds now!! :) He is a little thing as you can see by Jenna's tiny stuffed animal next to him.

Horseback riding was fun, but it went fast. When I was a youth, we'd go for what seemed like a couple hours or so. This time, it was only 45 minutes. Jenna wasn't ready to stop, but I was because being in the saddle with another person is just tight.

I finally finished mowing the grass. It took a while because I kept having to stop and rest, but I finally got it done. It's about 95 degrees here, so we are now showered and clean and about to go ruin our dinner with some ice cream!

Texted Steve earlier and he is trying to stay up until about 4am Moldova time when they have to leave for the airport. Tonight will be my last night sleeping alone (well, with Jenna I mean!)

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