The time is near...

...for Steve to take off for Moldova and boy am I in a F-O-U-L mood. I'm sure it has to do with him leaving. I just don't even want to think about it. Again, it's not that I'm not confident in my ability to parent without him...I just...don't want him to go is about the extent of it.

I know he's doing a great thing and I know he'll be fine and we'll be fine, but I just can't get out of this mood. I'm grouchy with him, Jenna and everyone in between. Of course, we've had a pretty interesting turn of events in the house this afternoon.

Yep...that's a kitten you see. He's (at least we *think* it's a "he") a sweet little thing. Steve said he showed up early this week at his office. He was scared of everyone and wouldn't get near them. Steve was afraid he was going to starve to death. Or worse, die in the heat (it was near 100 degrees this week). So, Tuesday, he went out to Publix and got some food and he came right over. He gobbled the food up, but then he disappeared for a day or two. Steve figured he'd wandered off into the woods behind the office and became dinner for some larger animal. But apparently he got hungry again and showed up today. Of course, Steve, the man who "hates cats" just couldn't leave him there today because he knew no one would feed him while he was gone and he didn't want to think of the little guy starving to death. So, when I got home, I came upstairs to this site.
Jenna is smitten. She's never been around a little baby animal before. Our cats and dogs were here long before she came along. Like any small child, she wants to touch, hold and carry this cat everywhere. We are threatening her in order to convince her to leave him alone. He's pretty thin and dirty. I need to get him to the vet next week if possible. Like we have the money for that. I haven't decided whether we are going to keep him or not. Our other two cats, Maggie and Molly are nowhere to be seen. They are off pouting somewhere.
I'm torn. I don't know what to do. I'm tempted to put him on Craig's list. I had a pretty good response from my other stuff, so why not? Well...for one, Jenna is going to be heartbroken if we get rid of him. But she will get over it quickly enough. I mean, I can put it out there and if I get no hits, then we can keep him. I just really don't want another cat. I always said if I had another cat, I'd adopt an adult one from the shelter and here I am with a kitten again. Of course, the good deed is that we saved him from certain death... And now Steve's leaving in less than 12 hours and leaving me with this decision to make. And without him here to distract Jenna, there's no way to slide this past. We'll see. Right now, she's calling him "Lovey" but she says she also likes "Tiger" because he has stripes on him.
Well, I'll keep you as posted as I can on all that develops this week while Steve's gone. You that are praying folks, keep us all in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, he is awfuly cute! Maybe he can sleep in your bed this week, and you won't miss Steve as much! Praying for all of you this week!


Stacey said...

Craigs list is good but there is freeuse too is a give away organization. Most major cities have a group - just google it. We even have one here and you know this town is far from major city status. Mine works through yahoo they have a message board. Just free to a good home. Since he's a kitten he's got a pretty good chance of being adopted if you place him with a shelter too and he'd still get the vet care he needs. I'm not one of Steve's prayer partners but know I am praying for all three of you.