I've grown up.

When did THIS happen???? I realized this afternoon while standing over my washer and dryer that somewhere along the way, I'd grown up. The realization was a total bummer.

A series of events led me to this realization...first of all, I've been worried sick about finances all summer long. With paying tuition over 12 months and then the additional cost of camp during the summer, we are barely scraping by and we typically live very comfortably. When I was a kid, it was my mom and dad who did the worrying about money. Now...it's me. UGH. That's definitely no fun.

Then yesterday, I woke up before everyone else (another bad sign) and my thought was, "I want to clean out the garage today". Yah? What is THAT about? We will have been in this house for 2 years in October this year and I still had one corner of the garage to go through boxes and clean out. And I wanted to use my Saturday to do this. And that's EXACTLY what I did. I guess I got started about 10am. And I quit about 6pm. The garage is definitely neater, but there's still some stuff that I gotta get rid of. I have a huge amount of 2T and 4T clothes, a karate punching bag and some strollers to find homes for. I put them all on Craigs List and believe it or not, the punching bag is gone. I have a meeting with a lady on Tuesday for the 4T clothes and might have a bite on the 2T clothes. Anyway, I digress...

So, after I finished cleaning the garage, I had to go inside and clean the house where I'd dumped all the boxes and stuff that came inside. I think I finally sat down about 9pm and put in Coyote Ugly from Netflix. I fell into a restless sleep until I woke up this morning.
And today...went to church (drove separately), grabbed some lunch, then dropped Steve back at the church for his last meeting before leaving for Moldova. Jenna and I stopped by Best Buy to pick up something Steve needed for his trip. Then home to finish cleaning the kitchen. I threw a load of laundry in then left to get groceries before Steve went to bowl. (breathe) Got back, unloaded the groceries and put them away all the while putting laundry in the dryer and more in the washer. Steve left to bowl and I did some pictures of the clothes for Craigslist and sent them to the interested parties. Then I made 2 chicken pot pies and some cookies...one pot pie for us for dinner tomorrow and the other (and the cookies) for a family in our Sunday School class that just had a baby. Got Jenna some dinner, put a DVD on for her, finally sat down about 8:40pm for a bite of dinner myself. Finished that and got Jenna in bed and sat down to relax and...FOLD THE 4 LOADS OF LAUNDRY I JUST DID! (big breath here).

And somewhere along the way, I realized I'd grown up into a full fledged adult who if she doesn't do the dishes, laundry, clean the kitchen, feed the fish, answer emails etc., then it just won't get done. On the contrary, Steve does more than his fair share of the work around here...he mowed and weed eated the grass yesterday, cleaned the deck and helped me clean out the garage. He leaves in 6 days and he hasn't packed the first thing for his trip. That's one thing I haven't done yet is make him a packing list. Maybe I can do that tomorrow during lunch at work...

You know, I'm not sure I like this growing up thing.

Not one little bit.

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