Moldova-Day 1

Steve texted me today and said he was staining beds for the kids at the orphanage. He said it was very hot and when I checked the weather for there, it said 100 degrees and that was at about late afternoon their time, so you can imagine how hot it was during the heat of the day.

I told him to be sure and drink lots of water to stay hydrated and he said there wasn't much else to drink. Ah, yes...we encountered that in Thailand...a little different in the sodas there than here and I'm sure he's already missing his Pepsi. :)

This afternoon, I got a text from him saying they'd had a long day and he was headed for bed. Here is his text: "Hey we've had a long day. We were in the shade most of the day but I did fine. I drank a two lt (liter) bottle of water. I'm very tired. It's sad to see these kids. They just want attention. I was throwing ball with a girl aboutr 4 or 5. Very cute. I asked if I could bring her home. Getting ready for bed. I miss u both. Love u." I'm sure he will have many stories about these orphans when he returns. Remember to pray for these children as well as the volunteers that are over there.

As for Jenna and I, we made it another night alone. Jenna says at least 2-3 times a day that she misses Steve and I wonder if he really knows how much she loves him. I know sometimes he feels like she's a Mama's girl, but deep down, I know better.

We got up this morning and headed to 2 weeks of camp at the YMCA. Got her dropped off and to work. Tomorrow is a big day as we have a vendor in all day. This afternoon after I got her picked up, I stopped at the Quick Lube place and got my van's oil changed. There's no telling what else I might do this week...

That's about it. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes...continue to pray and check the Sweet Sleep blog at www.sweetsleep.blogspot.com .

"So They Can Sleep"....


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