Update from Moldova...

Be sure and check out www.sweetsleep.blogspot.com. Steve posted the latest blog (I think it's the latest...someone might have posted after him). I was not able to contact Steve this morning and it worried me a little. I finally did talk to him around lunch and he had left his cell phone at the guest house. I actually got to talk to him instead of through texting. He said he missed us and was ready to come home. He also mentioned that he had asked someone the cost of adoption from Russia, more specifically, Moldova and they said it would be about $40k. YIKES! He said a little girl there about 10 years old asked if there were any Americans that would want to adopt a 10 year old girl and when they said they didn't know, she got upset and went away in tears. How sad. Here Jenna is begging for a little sister...perhaps she's take a big sister???? :)

Anyway, as excited as I am to have Steve coming home in a few days, it will be hard for him to leave these children I'm sure. And hard to adjust to being home and remembering the situations these people live in. Continue to keep those prayers coming please. I know he'll appreciate it.

Jenna and I went to eat at my sister, Teresa's, house tonight. Jenna's cousin Garrett was there and they played and just had a great time. It was nice because now that we live here and they live in Cane Ridge, we don't get as much time together as when we were living down the street from one another. And I enjoyed the adult company. I love Jenna, but I like to talk with other adults too! We got home and I have put Jenna to bed. Right now, Mittens is laying on my chest just purring away. Soon as I'm done here, I'll read a little and get on to bed. Sounds game is tomorrow night. Saturday is horseback riding and Jenna can't wait.

Again, please go to www.sweetsleep.blogspot.com and read Steve's post. Thanks for your prayers this week.


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