Last Friday night, the 29th, we went to the VBS family night celebration at church.  I might have mentioned a time or two how much I love my church.  This night proved over again, why.
Shout out to my friend Rachel who actually made this awesome logo!
The kids sang all the songs they'd learned and the littles were even on stage doing their thing.  Jenna and some of the older girls led music on stage every day during the week.  They were on the risers for family night though and I just didn't get a good photo of them (I was behind a pole making it hard to see clearly...not to mention wrestling Kylie half the time).
Look at all those kids!  I think there were upwards of 300 kids that week at VBS.  For a young, start-up church (south campus), I think that's excellent!  And there were so many helpers...even working moms and dads in our congregation took the week off to assist.  I'm totally doing that next year...I don't want to miss another year of something this wonderful!

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Rachel said...

VBS was an incredible experience this year. I'm glad you'll be helping next year! You'll love it and will be such a blessing to the children!