Speech Therapy

Kylie had her speech therapy evaluation today.  It was no big surprise that the evaluation showed a pretty severe delay.  But the therapist was very pleased with the sounds she was making and signs she is doing.  We need to add "please" and maybe "thank you" and I'm trying to incorporate "help" too.  She said her fine motor skills are excellent and Kylie really had a good time.

The pic is blurry, but I thought she looked SO cute in her outfit (thanks to my friend Leslie who has given us some SUPER cute clothes!)
Our speech therapist is named Joy and she is truly a joy!  She is so nice and Kylie warmed up to her really fast.  Of course, it helped that she had bubbles!

After all the paperwork is filled out (lots to do since this is all through Tennessee Early Intervention), we'll start speech therapy twice a week and it will likely continue until well after her palate surgery in August.

If you don't believe me that she really enjoyed the bubbles, just watch her in action!  And don't miss her signing "more" right at the end.


Julie said...

How stinkin cute is Kylie!!! Cannot wait to meet that sweet girl!

Julie said...

How stinkin cute is that Kylie!!! I cannot wait to meet her!

Mayme said...

She is a cutie. I love those cheeks. We spend A LOT of time at Vandy at the various clinics and speech so it's always great when you can get in and out quickly. Glad her eye exam turned out well.

Angie said...

This is awesome! I've been keeping up and dying to talk to you.I'll email soon. She is a doll! We have our first surgery on Sept 5. Closing up her lip. Praying for your August surgery! I know it's a painful one, so I will be praying extra hard for your sweet girl! Love and miss ya!