Growing Up....

Well, it's official...my big girl is growing up.  Last Thursday was Jenna's annual visit to the doctor.  She was not looking forward to it because there were 2 shots in her future, but I was looking forward to it, mostly to see how much she'd grown.

Since Christmas, every time we see someone who we haven't seen in a while, I hear, "Look how tall she's getting!!!".  Of course, I don't notice because I'm with her every day, but I did notice how much taller she'd gotten in comparison to her cousin who used to be about the same height.  Luckily, I'd made a note in my phone from last year's visit that in July of last year she was 53.5 inches tall (that's 4 ft. 5 inches) and 72 lbs.  At that time she was 50%ile in height and weight.  So perfectly average.

This year, she was 57.5 inches (4ft 9 inches) and 82 lbs!!  My girls grew 4 inches and gained 12 lbs!  The doctor confirmed it was indeed a growth spurt.  She's grown in other areas as well...such as her feet.  Currently the doctor said she was 50th%ile for height and 25th %ile for weight.  But by all my calculations, it appears she's actually closer to 50th on both.  Either way, she's perfect!

The doctor said she will probably continue on this growth spurt for another year and then taper off.  She expects she'll gain another 4 inches in the coming year, which would put her about my height...5ft 2in.  Based strictly off mine and Steve's height, I'd say it will be more like 5-3.  Based on her growth (found some online charts), maybe as much as 5ft 5 inch.  I sure hope she gets taller than me.  My mother was 5ft nothing.  I gained 2 inches on her and I'm hoping Jenna gains 2 inches on me.

Either way, she's got some big changes coming down the pike and I can't believe we are already staring the teen years in the face...It's a bit scary for this Mama.  But I am oh so proud of this girl!  She's had multiple math study sessions this year with a middle school math teacher just so she can keep fresh.  I hope it pays off next year because goodness knows I understand what it's like to be behind in math and feel like you'll never catch up. 

I can't wait to see what 5th grade brings!!

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