The EYES Have It...

Kylie had to have an eye evaluation on the 3rd.  Tennessee Early Intervention's eye test showed an astigmatism in her right eye and since we are fairly certain she had not had one as a newborn, the pediatrician thought it would be a good idea for us to see if anything is going on that might need to be corrected.
Here she is waiting for her eyes to dilate.  I don't know how they could see if they were dilated since her eyes are black anyway, but they could.  This was an office of the Vanderbilt Eye Institute and they were SO awesome!  The front desk and tech people were so awesome and just made over how sweet and pretty Kylie was.

And they were QUICK.  We were in and out in 45 minutes and that includes filling out new patient paperwork.  And the best part of the entire visit???

KYLIE'S EYES ARE FINE!  We had some concerns which is why we went, and he said there were slight astigmatisms in both eyes, but nothing he'd correct even if we'd brought her in at 5 years of age.  So, we just wait and see and hope they don't get any worse.  At best, she'll have to have glasses later in life, but we can deal with that.

Another blessing...now for the palate surgery....

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