Steve's Birthday

I'm hoping to talk a little bit about America's birthday in tomorrow's post, but for now, it's all about Steve (again)!

Because Steve was born on the 4th of July, he likes to think everyone celebrates his birthday!  Actually, it's kind of nice because of all the holidays to have to share a birthday with, I think July 4 is the best one.  It's in the summer, so as a child, there's plenty of party options to choose from.  There's no other gift giving going on (like Christmas).  You aren't feeling like you are competing with Jesus (Easter, Christmas).  And you almost ALWAYS have the day off work.  Except for the big 5-0 when he was training with Katie, we've spent every birthday together which is nice.  And almost every year since we've been together, we spend some or nearly all day down in Pegram where Steve's sister and her family live.  More on that tomorrow...

We actually spent the night with his sister on Tuesday night so we could be there early in the morning on the 4th.  I loaded up all his birthday presents to give to him.  It was kind of random, but here he is opening up some of the gifts we got him...
He likes t-shirts and so we got him a few brightly colored ones.  In this card, there is a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings (yes, I did just hear the "woot woot" from the men readers of my blog!).  There is a RC helicopter that just didn't arrive in time also.  I can't wait for him to play with that. 

Here's a picture of Steve and his girls...well, minus me of course!

We spent the majority of the day at Deanne's so we didn't get home until late.  We had bought a cake to share with the family there, but just ran out of time to do it and so we brought it home.  We ordered pizza for dinner (that's what we've had for all three of our birthdays this year!) and then lit the candles...
This little beauty came from Sam's and yum-a-licious!  The frosting was not the whipped kind and it was super good.  Jenna's BFF from school, Gracie, spent the day with us and her birthday is today (happy birthday Gracie!) and they each had a candle!

Steve said despite the heat and the craziness of the day, it was yet another good birthday.  We have one more birthday to go...but that's in January to start the new year and it's gonna be VERY special.  :)

More to come on how we celebrated America's birthday, so stay tuned!

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