I was just checking out my blog stats.  I've been blogging since 2006.  I originally started over on Myspace (remember that?!) and when I realized   I liked it, I moved over to blogger.  If you are interested, you can read my first post here.  Ironically, this very same subject has come up yet again in my life.  Funny how life seems to come full circle.

Anyway, it's not quite been 6 years...that will be in September. But we are just a mere 55 hits away from 100,000!  That's a lot of hits. 

I have recently considered taking a blog hiatus or going private, but then I look back and I think how much I enjoy blogging.

So, hopefully with the next blog post we'll have passed our 100,000 mark.  And as long as you are coming here to read, I'll keep on blogging.

Thanks for your continued readership and support!

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Katelyn said...

keep on bloggin'! i just reloaded three times ;)