Friends Forever

Last weekend (yes, I'm behind), we had a very special treat!  One of the sweet friends I met online during our adoption process, Stacia, and her family were passing through on their way to Alabama.  Stacia is special to me because her son, Liam, lived in the same orphanage with Kylie!  Liam is only a few months older than Kylie and they traveled just a few weeks before us to get him.

The decision was made to meet at Opry Mills mall for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  We were hoping the kids would recognize each other. 
Bless him, Liam was trying real hard, but I don't think they recognized each other!!!  Let me stop just a minute and talk about how stinking cute Liam is with his sweet glasses!  I can't hardly stand it.  He's so sweet and quiet...

We enjoyed dinner and conversation, but all too soon it was time for them to depart since the next day was going to be full of more traveling.  But not before taking more pictures!

It was so good to finally meet them in real life!  We fully intend to keep the kids a part of each others' lives from here on out.  What a blessing to be able to have a network of friends during the adoption journey, not to mention for Kylie to have as a connection to her life in China.

We definitely can't wait to see them again...and I plan to be down in the area later this fall, so hopefully we can see them again then.

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