Visit from a Friend

Last week, my friend Katelyn asked me how my Memorial Day weekend went and why there hadn't been a blog about it.  My response?  The weekend was fine and I'm a *wee* bit behind on blogging.  Going back to work and then home to relieve Steve, spend some time with Kylie etc., is kicking my butt.

But yeah, we had a pretty unique long weekend.  Many months ago...gosh, had to be back when we were still with our first agency, so more than a year ago, I purchased some hair bows from "a girl" who was making and selling them to help fund her adoption.  I had seen her posts online and decided to make a purchase.

Over the next year, we started talking more and more.  I followed her journey to her sweet daughter, Myah, in October as they traveled to China.  She was one of the first folks I texted to tell about our referral (although somehow she missed the text until the next day!) and today, she is one of my dearest friends!

So, imagine my surprise when she asked what I thought about her family taking a long weekend trip to Nashville to meet us!!!  I couldn't believe it.  But yes, she loaded up her family of 6 and drove right on down.  And without further ado, here is our weekend, in pictures!
Jennifer and her family arrived about dinner time on Friday night.  They thought BBQ sounded good so Corky's it was!

It was early, so after dinner, we headed to downtown Franklin to walk around.  Most of the shops were closed, but it was still nice...we had some Sweet CeCe's for dessert!

Saturday morning we met and headed to the infamous Opryland Hotel.  $18 to park, but the view was well worth it!  It just made Jenna want to stay there even more.

It was hot as the blazes on Saturday...up past 90, but we headed out to the Parthenon.  They didn't seem interested in touring my office building, which sits right across the street.  Hmm...wonder why?!  :)

Prior to the Parthenon, we tried to go to Loveless Cafe for lunch, but the wait was 2 1/2 hours!  We ended up at Las Palmas.  After the Parthenon, we wanted to go somewhere cool where we could get a snack.  Cool Springs Mall was chosen since it was super close to their hotel.  While Jennifer, Jenna and I shopped, the men to the kiddos to the play place.  Kylie absolutely LOVED it.

Ah yes, there we are.  Sunday, they visited our church which made my heart sing to be able to share the place I love so dearly.  Then out to eat (Chinese of course) and then to the house to hang out.  I'm not sure if we got a picture of us all looking at the same camera!!

After they left, we followed them to their hotel for a late afternoon swim.  It was quite cool because the pool was in the shade, but they kids loved it.  Kylie had never been in a pool bigger than a kiddie pool and HOLY COW.  That girl LOVES the deep water.  She's not afraid of going under and wants to jump off the side.  Two little water bugs...what's the chance of that?

Here she is.  The original water bug.  I love that both my girls love the water!
 Jennifer and her family left Monday morning and we were sad.  It was really nice to have something to do that weekend.  And we fully intend for our littlest girls to be friends for many years to come.

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