Our Special Day

I'm sorry I've been so delinquent in posting.  Working full time doesn't actually allow for time to blog.  But I'm going to do better...

Today was a pretty special day for us.  It was the day of Kylie's dedication to the Lord.  We had planned it for today because our pastor, Jay, had been on sabbatical and he was finally back.

I was nervous as to how Kylie would act.  She loves church service and the music, but she's never really been on stage.  The neatest thing was that as we walked up on stage, the whole audience started clapping and cheering.  I can't say enough about my church family and how they gathered around us during the adoption process.  Our pastor and his wife are also adoptive parents and they have stood beside us through this whole process.  I can't tell you how blessed we are to have a congregation full of adoptive families.  I think at last count there was 24 total families...we literally have every tribe and nation represented (almost).

At the beginning, Kylie was pretty happy to look out at the audience to see what was going on.  Then, as our preschool minister, Amy, spoke to us, she got distracted by the band behind us...

Yeah, I think that's our drummer, Brandon, waving at her.  At our church, they present the children with the Jesus Storybook Bible because it is so great for the kids.  The stories are unbelievable.  Every single story points to the coming of Christ.  Every.  One.  I have a Bible like this for Jenna.  Now Kylie has her own.  You can see Kylie's name in the background.  Amy talked about how Liann means "God has answered" and indeed, he has.  Her life verse is also listed and the one we have on her Baby Be Blessed Doll. 
After the presentation of the Bible, Jay says a few words before the prayer and it was about this time that Kylie started to get antsy.  She wanted to get down and started whining.  Jay was telling her it was OK, that lots of people cried when he spoke!

Another cool part of our parent/child dedication ceremony is that they ask the congregation to stand and pray but to also put their hands forward as if they are laying hands on us.  It's their commitment to help us raising Kylie in the Lord.
There are no words to explain the feeling of looking out on this room full of people and know they are committing to you to help you raising your child.  I can't say enough how much I love this congregation of believers.

A special word of thanks to my sweet friend, Leigh Ann Moore, who took these pictures for me.  She's my unofficial photographer!  She took photos of Jenna's baptism too!

Also, the cute yellow dress Kylie has on?  Made by the wife of Steve's friend, Jim.  She barely knows us, but Jim has really taken Steve under his wing at the sheriff's office where they volunteer.  The dress was a perfect fit and Kylie looked quite cute in it!  Jim and his wife, Sharon, also came to the dedication as did my sister, Teresa, my niece Karen and their families!  Steve's brother, David and wife Konnie also was there.  It was great seeing my family there in support of such an important event. 

And finally, thanks to my church family...for without you...and yes, I mean YOU, we could not have walked this journey and stood on the stage with this child that was prayed for.

Kylie's life verse...  Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Your works are wonderful.
I know this full well

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Vicky said...

How sweet to share in your special day via the blog!