Happy 16 Years!

I cannot believe today marks 16 years since I married the best friend I've ever had.  We have come a LONG way from that pre-engaged couple we once were!
Oh my word!  Look at all those rings on my fingers!  That was pre-engagement because once I had that diamond, those rings all went into a jewelry box!!

In our 16 years of marriage (not counting the 1 we dated and 1 we were engaged), we've been through a lot:

*Sold a house
*Bought a house
*Went through IVF and had a baby girl
*Went through IVF multiple times and did NOT have a baby
*Received a diabetic service dog
*Went on multiple international mission journeys
*Helped launch a regional church campus
*Completed an adoption
*Lost a job
*Became a stay at home dad
*Lost 4 close family members
*Traveled to fun places such as Hawaii, Caribbean, Florida, Alabama, Disney
*Renewed our wedding vows

So we've done a lot.  And I can't wait for the next 16 years!!!  I love you Steve Taylor!!!  Happy anniversary!!!


Christy said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys have been through a lot, but God has brought you closer through it! Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Vicky said...

Happy Anniversary!