Can You Hear Me Now?

Well, yes she can!

Kylie went yesterday for her ENT follow up visit, post-tubes.  When we first visited the ENT, he suggested we not put her through the hearing evaluation since the fluid backup was causing a 15-20% hearing loss.  She would have failed anyway and I'm sure my insurance company appreciates not having to pay for a test rendered completely useless.  Anyway, yesterday they did do the hearing evaluation and she PASSED!  Although we already knew she could hear because we have to tiptoe around the upstairs when she's sleeping.  The child is a LIGHT sleeper!

Tennessee Early Intervention Services came out for their evaluation late last week.  We are waiting to hear back from them on whether she qualifies for any services through the state.  The evaluator said she is "almost certain" she's going to qualify for speech since "there is none".  Kylie doesn't say any recognizable words yet.  She mostly grunts and whines.  To qualify for any particular therapy, you have to be at least 40% delayed in one area or 25% delayed in two.  Her fine motor skills are probably not behind at all, but gross motor is delayed mostly because she's not steadily walking yet.  However, the evaluator thought her fine motor progress would probably bring up the gross motor, so it's less likely she'll qualify for physical therapy (or occupational...whatever it is...she didn't say).

And since I know you love photos...here she is two Sundays ago, sporting the cutest ever dress given to us by my sweet friend Lisa Brown.
Lisa has two boys, one of which I get the privilege of loving on every Sunday in the nursery.  Lisa told me she's always seeing super cute girl clothes and now she has someone to buy them for!  This dress is TO DIE FOR.  I love it.  Thank you Lisa!!!  We even had yellow and blue barrettes to pull her hair back.  And that, is a perfect segue way into the next issue...

What to do with Kylie's hair?!  If you remember, she was seriously sporting a Mohawk just a few months ago...
So her hair is growing in kinda weird.  I haven't been sure what to do with it because if we do nothing, it's getting to the point of hanging almost in her eyes.  My friend Jill told me that Target had some of those little rubber bands to use in baby hair and I had picked some up months ago.  And so I finally decided to try them out.  OH.  MY.  WORD.
I've always thought little kids with these Pebbles (aka Flintstones) hairdos were to die for.  Super cute.  But you can also see how long her bangs are in the front.  I am not ready for a haircut yet, so this is what we are doing for the time being. 


Vicky said...

I couldn't wait to get my two to the salon for a haircut...well actually a good healthy trim! I'm amazed at how quickly her hair has grown. She's precious and I too love the dress!

Katelyn said...

that dress is unreal cute. and jg looks GORG! her hair is so pretty. she looks approximately 17 in this last pic :)