Memorial Day

After our friends left to head back home on Monday morning, we were left to figure out what to do with ourselves.  Most everyone we knew already had plans, so we ended up enjoying the cool air of the inside.

I went and grabbed some meat and we decided to grill out.  Something about Memorial Day and Labor Day makes me want to grill out and then eat outside too!
 Here we are...getting ready to eat.  I love this picture because eating outside after grilling is seriously at the top of my favorite things of all times!
 I bought Jenna a bottled Coke.  She thought it was the coolest thing ever.  And so yes, we had to get a photo of it.
 And we had cupcakes for dessert.  I decided to let Kylie just use her hands to feed herself even though it was oh so messy.  And just what did Miss Kylie think about her cupcake????
YUM YUM GOOD she says!!!

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Katelyn said...

i had to pop over and comment on this one! these photos made me laugh out loud! her hair is getting so long, too. love this one, friend.