Happy Father's Day

I was fortunate to have a very present father in my life growing up.  He was far from perfect, although I was well into my adulthood before I realized he wasn't.  As a child, I thought my Daddy could fix anything.  I remember bringing him all sorts of stuff that was broken because I knew he could fix it.  I remember when I was probably 4 or 5 and Daddy was working on Sunday (he was a police officer) and mom and I would go to meet him for lunch.  I recall that Sunday, jumping out of the car running to jump up into my Daddy's arms.  Unfortunately, I didn't see the concrete parking barricade on the ground and I tripped over it and really did a number on my knees and hands.  I thought Daddy was going to rip that thing from the ground...breaking his heart to have his little girl running to his arms just to fall and skin her knees all up.  My Daddy went to great lengths to provide for and protect me.  He wasn't perfect.  But his love for me was and that's what I remember most.

I lost my Daddy 3 years ago yesterday.  I never thought I'd miss him as much as I do.
I am fortunate to have a Father In Law who is 1/2 of the reason my 4 kids have the kind of Dad they do.  Bill certainly has created a legacy for his family and one that I'm so proud my kids are witnessing.  Bill has so much to do with the kind of father Steve is and I'm so grateful for that.

But most of all, I'm thankful for my children's Daddy.  I am one lucky woman for God to have put him in my life.  He is very laid back and a WAY better stay at home parent than I am.  He has more patience with his children than I could ever hope to have.  Heck.  He has way more patience with ME than I have with myself.  He has probably been to more school parties and events than I have.  He cooks, cleans, does laundry, takes out trash...anything that needs to be done.

He is the kind of father every child needs.  I'm so glad God loved us enough to put him in our lives.  I hope today has been the best of days (although it started out quite rough, thanks to me), because of all the dads being honored today, he deserves it most. 

I love you Steve!  Happy Father's Day!

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