Goodbye 4th Grade!

The last day of school was another 1/2 day and Jenna was VERY ready for it.

The day started out with the awards ceremony.  Jenna usually gets perfect attendance, but this year due to our China trip, she missed a bunch of days.  She was hoping to win an award for entering the writing contest but she didn't.  She did get an award for participating in a science project that was optional.
Jenna didn't have as much trouble telling her friends goodbye this year and she wasn't really that sad to be leaving the elementary school.  She's too excited about middle school!

Before leaving, all the 4th graders got to walk down the halls of the elementary school one last time with music blasting over the intercom and all the other students cheering.  There are 3 teachers retiring including the principal.  It was great fun and we really enjoyed being there for that.
Jenna finally got her report card this week and she made all As and a B (in Math of course!), so we are proud of our girl.  She is headed towards 5th grade!!!

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