Update on my friend Darlene

Many of you read this post late last week about my dear friend Darlene.  Some of you may have seen my Facebook status on Saturday night about "getting my game face on".  That was in reference to Darlene's 40th birthday party.  There were probably 75 people there and kids galore.  And her sister took pictures of everyone there with their game faces!  Hopefully in an effort to make her smile during those rough days.

Well, those rough days start today.  Today, Darlene starts chemo.  Anyone who knows anything at all about chemo should know this is going to be a very rough road to walk.  For Darlene and for her family.  Right now, it looksl like about 20 weeks of chemo to be followed by surgery.  And while we know that is a very long time to deal with this, whatever it takes to beat it is well worth it. 

But.  If you have a moment, will you pop over to her Caring Bridge site and leave some encouragement?  I cannot imagine how terrified walking in for your first chemo treatment would be.  And if you know someone who has been through this...send them to her site too.  There's nothing better than hearing advice from someone who's "been there, done that". 

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