The Missing Tooth

Back at Easter, a big chunk of one of Jenna's teeth broke off.  Being the dental freak-out that I am, I freaked out and called the dentist the next day.  As an aside, I love our dental group.  They are absolutely fabulous with the kids and they are so good with the neurotic parents.  The dentist called me right back and said this was common and it was probably because the tooth was loose.  He said if it wasn't bothering her, we could wait to bring her in until her regular check up in June.

I thought he was crazy, but sure enough, when Jenna tried it, it was loose!  Unfortunately for her, it wasn't loose enough and didn't come out before her June appointment.  They discovered 3 little cavities and the x-ray showed her permanent tooth above this one was coming in crooked.  They said to make an appointment to have it pulled and the cavities filled.  The problem was that they couldn't get us in until August.  And the only day in August was the first full day of school at 9am which would means, she'd miss a big chunk of the day.  I didn't feel that was a good decision so I rescheduled last Friday for the next available date in September (did I mention, I'm not the ONLY person who thinks they're great!?)

Well, when I came home Friday night, Jenna shows me her mouth and now her permanent tooth is growing out the side of her gum.  Remember me saying I was a dental freak-out?  Well, I did it again and they got Jenna in for the extraction on Monday afternoon.  It took them all of 2 minutes once she was numb and out it came.  And the best news?  They said that permanent tooth was likely to straighten up fairly easily.  Again, apparently, growing teeth sideways through your gums is common.  Who knew?

In the end, the tooth is gone and all is well.  Cavities to be filled in September and then we're all set until December!

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