Quick update

I promise there will be many more exciting posts to come, but just wanted to pop in quickly before the Benedryl kicks in and I'm down for the count.  For some reason, my sinuses have been crazy kicking my butt today and so I'm trying to get them under control before a sinus infection settles in.

Adoption:  There's been a lot, but not a lot going on.  We do NOT have a referral yet, but we have had some interesting developments.  At this time, I don't want to say much more, but hopefully I can share soon.  It will be a good thing, I hope!

Steve:  Still job searching.  There seems to be many more job openings that he's applying for, but we are finding the ideal true that to get a position in a company, you really have to know someone that already works there.  We've had a few friends offer to take in his resume, or try and get him an interview, but nothing yet.  If you are in the area and work at a large company which might have an entry level position or willing to train and wouldn't mind forwarding a resume, just let me know.

Summer:  Wha?  Where?  I blinked and the whole thing is almost gone.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I've been meaning to get Jenna together with some of her friends from school over the summer and it has literally NOT HAPPENED.  I didn't feel like we were super busy, but the weeks have just flown by.  It's been a good summer so far.  We still have our short vacation to Atlanta coming up soon and Jenna is really looking forward to it.

Prayers:  I have a very specific and special prayer request.  If you follow me on Twitter or we are friends on Facebook, you know how desperately I love my church and even moreso, my Lifegroup.  Our group is very close and our leaders, Darlene and Brandon are two of the most genuine people you would EVER meet.  They'd "give you the shirt off their backs", as my mother would say.  Last week, Darlene found out she has stage 2 breast cancer.  Y'all she's not even 40 yet.  DID YOU HEAR THAT?!  She's MY age.  And she's a mother to 3.  And she could easily be living my life.  And this terrifying news has shaken me to my core.  It's like Rachel said the other day, "I'm not ready for this".  I know Darlene wasn't ready for it and none of us that are close to her are either.  But, the outlook is excellent and they'll know more about what exactly that means as they receive the results of some recent tests.  Until then, may I ask you all to just whisper a prayer for this sweet family?  Cancer is no fun to battle but I am honored to support them during this journey and am anxiously awaiting the day we celebrate complete healing.

Benedryl:  Yes, it's working.  I am trying to think about what else I might have to say and all I can think about is how I am looking forward to the bed.  And yes, it's 9:00pm and I'm officially O-L-D.  Great.

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Christy said...

Praying for everything going on in your life! Hope you feel better this morning!