Pet Peeves

I thought I might just take a moment to share with you my top 10 pet peeves.  I'd love to hear yours.  I realized in writing these out that several of them have to do with driving.  Apparentl, I'm a pretty happy person until I get in the car and then I turn into a raving lunatic.  Which is mighty unfortunate considering I'm on the road at a minimum of 2 hours a day.

So without furtho ado:

10.  People that stare at Steve and Katie.  You would be amazed at how rude people can be (or maybe not).  I'd rather you ask a stupid question because at least then we can educate you, but to just stare like you've never seen a dog before is rude. 

9.  Drivers that act like they are in the Daytona 500 during rush hour.  Seriously.  Weaving in and out of traffic will not always get you further faster.

8.  Grocery shoppers who are oblivious that there is anyone else in the store with them.  You know the type...they are standing there, with their cart in the aisle, staring at the food, all the while, you are trying to squeeze through beside her trying not to knock the display down.  Hey, PAY ATTENTION!  You aren't the only one shopping!

7.  School drop off line.  There is one woman at our school who drops her son off about the same time I'm there dropping Jenna off.  She will pull into the drop off line about 1/2 way, put her vehicle in park, get out, walk (slowly) around the car, open the son's door, wait for him to get out (slowly), close the door behind him and then WALK HIM INTO THE SCHOOL.  I drop JG off early enough that there's not really a long line of cars, but by the time she goes through this ritual, cars are backed up onto the road.  If you are going to walk your 3rd grader into the school every day, then, oh, I don't know...park in a PARKING SPOT and get out of the drop off line!

6.  I despise it when people make a joke about you but then just keep on either at that moment or every time they see you.  I can laugh at myself with the best of them (heck, there's a lot to laugh at!) but it's funny once or twice.  After that, it's just annoying.

5.  People who drive around with their rear view mirror facing them.  That's NOT what it is for.  Are you so vain that you have to look at yourself when you drive?

4.  People who in the cafeteria at work who don't move all the way down to the end of the line while waiting on their food.  Do they SEE the line of people behind them?  Move on down PEOPLE!

3.  On the tail of number 4, I hate it when I'm standing in line at the cafeteria or anywhere else and the people who are standing behind me are standing RIGHT behind me.  You know, like you can't even shift your weight or else you are stepping on them  Get outta my personal space!

2.  Drivers during rush hour who go below the speed limit.  I sit in A LOT of traffic since I have a lengthy commute.  I have realized lately that ALL that backup is due to this bonehead in the very front who is riding along at a leisurely speed of 55mph in a 70mph zone with 2 miles of space in front of them and the next car.  Hey, guess what?  Some of us have worked all day.  Let's move it along.

1.  Women putting on their makeup while driving.  Now, hear me...I have put on lipstick while sitting at a red light. I have foofed (is that a word?) my hair while sitting at a light.  But I have never done a full on makeup job while sitting at a light (unless I wasn't driving).  My opinion is that you should get up early enough to take care of that or do it when you get where you are going.  Sorry for any of you that do this, but it's dangerous and I don't want to wait behind you while you are beautifying yourself in the mirror. 

So, what have we learned?  Clearly no one is perfect like me.  And I driving issues.  Or, perhaps just ISSUES.  Obviously.

Thank you and that's all.

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Stacey said...

Do you still talk to all the cars/drivers whilst driving? I remember how you used to talk/scream at them when we were in high school. I still do that too. My BR friends were like OMG Stacey and her road rage. I was like are you kidding this is nothing! I'm just having a conversation. :)