Vacation...Day 6

Wednesday we decided to take a break from the water play and go to the Jacksonville Zoo.  By the time we all got up, got dressed and got TO the zoo, it was almost lunchtime.

It was a great zoo and we saw so many neat animals.  Jenna even got to feed a giraffe. 

And pet stingrays...

But it was H-O-T.  I mean, unbearably hot.  We hadn't really noticed the heat before because we were always in the pool or on the beach.  We didn't get lunch until about 2pm and by the time we had seen almost everything in the zoo it was about time for it to close and we were done.  We rode the train back over to the entrance and got the heck outta there.

Back at the resort, we hung out for a bit in the room while still cooling off and then spend a few hours in the pool late in the afternoon (since we'd had a super late lunch, we weren't hungry for dinner until later).  We then ate at the Beach Grille which was on the resort.  It was very good and within walking distance.  For dessert we had chocolate fondue!  OH YUM!  Jenna had never had anything like that before and she was duly impressed.  Granted, it was no Melting Pot, but it was good nonetheless.  We are going to have to take her to Melting Pot soon...just for dessert.

Just to prove I WAS on this vacation...here's one of me and Steve...

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