Adoption Fundraiser for the Locals

Some of you may know my friend Rachel.  I might have mentioned her a time or three on this blog.  Well, I'm happy to be able to share some exciting news with you.  She and her family are adopting too!  I am thrilled to have my bestest buddy to share this journey with.  She is adopting a little girl, aged 3 - 4 years from Ethiopia.  Now, just how cool is that?  Our girls now are super good friends and now they will have little sisters who will be just as close!  Isn't our God good?

Here's the deal for you locals who haven't heard...there's a little fundraiser going on for the Millsaps.  And all you have to do is eat dinner.  But not just ANY dinner...CHICK-FIL-A dinner!  And who doesn't LOVE Chick Fil A?

Here are the deets...

When?  Monday, August 30th from 5:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.
What?  A percentage of your purchase will go to the Millsaps
How?  Once you have checked out, please be sure to hand your receipts to Rachel or her husband, David
(They will have to turn those in at the end of the evening)
Where?   Chick-Fil-A 1105 Shadow Green Drive Franklin, TN 37064 615-794-8180

I will be there celebrating with them and I hope to see you there too.

Come on out!  Spread the word to your neighbors! Heck, treat your neighbors to a yummy dinner! And then you can say you were part of bringing their little girl home.  How cool is that?

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Christy said...

I so wish I could be there! Maybe I will try and send my parents by!