Vacation...Day 5

I always seemed to wake up at the same time every day...7:30 (and that was Eastern, time so really it was 6:30am), but I figure when you are used to getting up at 5:30am, then sleeping an hour or so later IS sleeping late!  When I'd wake up, I'd get up and sit on the balcony with my magazines and eat breakfast until everyone else got up.  With a view like this, it was one of my favorite parts of the vacation!

On Tuesday, there was more of the same...pool in the morning, lunch in the room and then beach in the afternoon.

Jenna was dying to have some crab legs and there just wasn't anywhere on the resort to get them, so the only place we could find that had them was Red Lobster.  So, that's where we went to dinner.  And on Tuesday night, the place was practically deserted.  But that was cool.  We stopped at Target after to pick up a few more things.

Back at the resort, we all went out crab hunting.  Jenna thought this was really fun...we ended up doing it every night we were there.

 Jenna and Steve watched a movie back in the room, but my sinuses has been acting up (thanks to several mouths/noses full of chlorinated and/or salt water) so I went to bed early.

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