Vacation...Day 3

On Sunday, we had an early dinner planned with our Jacksonville family planned for 3pm, so we wanted to eat a big enough breakfast to tide us over until then so we ordered room service again.  And oh heavens at the food!  I thought about taking a picture of it, but I didn't and now I wish I had.  There were yogurt and pancakes, bacon galore and bagels and cream cheese.  There was really enough food for a family of 5 or more.  And we sat on our balcony and ate breakfast.  It was heavenly.  This was our view from the balcony of our room.  Another view a little to the left and you can actually see the ocean.

We then got ready to go to the beach for the morning.  Jenna played in the waves, Katie played in the waves and Steve played in the sand.

 About noon, Steve headed in to get Katie washed and Jenna and I followed and got showered and cleaned up.  We met Tracey, Charles and Charley at Schooners in St. Augustine.  If you remember (and I'm sure you don't, because no one really cares as much as I do), they introduced me to Schooners last year when Jenna and I spent a week in St. Augustine. They refuse photos, so I hijacked one from their Facebook page.  They very well may unfriend me now, but it's worth it to show you this family I love so much!

After we finished with dinner, we wanted to hang out some more, so we drove to a nearby mall to walk around.  That didn't last long though because on Sundays, the malls close pretty early, so they kicked us out, but not before visiting the chocolate store!  We also stopped at WalMart to pick up a few things for the week like breakfast items and beach chairs.

It poured down rain while we were there and after we left, but when we got back to the resort, it was completely dry and this proved to be true anytime we encountered rain while away from the resort.  Because St. Augustine was an hour and 1/2 away, it was late when we returned and so we just hung out in the room until bed.

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