Updates and Changes

I know I promised to do frequent updates, but it just ain't happenin'. Unless you've been through it, you wouldn't believe how a paper chase can consume your entire life.  I have made copies, scanned, emailed and requested paperwork of all kinds.  This is kind of what it looks like for me.

(my friend KB tells me I must include pictures as I go through this process)

I have a colored folder for different papers just so I can keep them all straight.  Right now, we are just trying to get through the home study, but then comes the dossier. More on the dossier and what it is at a later date.
But right now, here's where we are at...we have had our first home study visit as a couple.  Next week is my one on one visit with the social worker.  The week following is Steve's one on one visit and then the week before I leave for South Africa will be our final home study visit which is in our home with Jenna.

In case you are wondering (and I'm sure all 3 of you are), the home study report written by the social worker (after many interviews and documents gathered) that in essence says we are capable of parenting an adopted child.  The first visit was very low key and we just talked about how we got to this point and why we wanted to adopt.  What is funny is that right before we each started to tell our version of why and how, I made fun of Steve because I knew he'd get all choked up over it (he's getting soft in his old age!).  Well, guess who breaks down sobbing, and I do mean SOBBING, right in the middle of her story?  Yup.  There I sat in Panera bread sobbing away with a bunch of people eating bagels and wondering what in the world is wrong with me.  I don't know...talking about how God has taken care of us especially this year and last and how He brought me here never knowing this is where I'd end up...well, I can't talk about it without getting emotional.  One of the ministers at church says never to apologize for your tears because they are a testimony to what you care about most (paraphrase) and I love that.  Mostly because I cry all the time.

So, what's next?  Well, we both have doctor's forms that need to be filled out, background checks and fingerprinting.  My doctor forms won't be hard because last time I checked, I was healthy as could be.  But since I am overdue for a physical anyway, I have that set up in a couple weeks.  Steve's will be more challenging because he has to account for his insulin and his other medications he takes.  Then finally there are a couple more pieces of paperwork that have to be taken care of for the home study, but that's about it. 

I'm working on a FAQ post now.  That's is coming soon (relatively speaking).  Speaking of coming soon, you may have noticed a title change to the blog.  I've been wanting to re-do my blog for a long time now, but just never taken the time to do it.  My friend Katelyn and I have a mutual love for the Michael Buble song which obviously inspired my title.  Katelyn is a communications guru and so she helped me with the tag line (more like she wrote it with NO help from me).  I love it very much.  And keep watching...there are BIG changes coming soon to my blog.  And for those of you who read through Google Reader, take a minute to hop over and see what my blog looks like now.  That way you can be amazed and awed when the changes are made.  :)

OK, I'm off to love on my babies in the church nursery.  And just in case I haven't mentioned it lately, I LOVE my church.  If you are in the area and don't LOVE your church, allow me to show you why I love mine.  

Happy SUNDAY! 


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Ack, delete that spammer above.

Girl, from one crybaby to another - I can't remember if I cried during my homestudy but I'm sure I did because, please. I cry during commercials.

Michelle Riggs said...

Congratulations on your daughter's reading scores. I love to read, too. She is in for a lifetime of adventures.