I think we killed a tree

Adoption Update

Now that we are approved to adopt from China, we have to begin working to complete the homestudy and the dossier (which is a jacked up version of the homestudy that goes to China eventually). 

Yesterday we received an email from our Family Coordinator at AWAA along with 7...yes, SEVEN...attachments.  The combined total pages of all these documents was 65 pages.  And they aren't just forms to fill out.  They are documents and guidelines and lists. All to be read, requested, signed or gathered.  Looking at it all, I thought I might hyperventilate.

Until today.

We just received an email from our Social Worker at AWAA.  This one included 11 attachments and 31 pages.  Some are similar or the same as the dossier paperwork, but I feel like I have murdered a tree.  And if I thought I might hyperventilate last night, now I REALLY think I might.

I know my fellow adoptive friends are laughing because they remember oh so well the overwhelming feeling of drowning in paperwork and wondering how in the world it will ever get done.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you updated because several of you have asked that I update my blog often to let you know how things are going.  And because I'm a scrapbooker, I want to be sure and use this to keep a journal of what has happened.

So far...

August 5, 2010 - submitted application
August 13, 2010 - received acceptance into China program
August 13, 2010 - received contracts and AWAA documents to sign
August 17, 2010 - documents signed and overnighted back to AWAA
August 19, 2010 - assigned family coordinator "A".  Received dossier prep documents
August 20, 2010 - assigned social worker "S".  Received home study prep documents

And our next steps?  For the dossier it's to read all the papers and make a list of questions.  Next week we will speak with A who will answer all our questions and get us pointed in the right direction to get started.

For the homestudy, we'll review these documents, gather some of the information needed and wait for S to call and set up the first appointment.

I know some of you will have many questions about the process and I would love to answer them.  Just send them to me and I'll answer them here on the blog as best I can.

For now, I'm off to enjoy the weekend and maybe read a little.  :)

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