Vacation...Day 1 and 2

We just returned from vacation in Amelia Island, Florida.  I didn't post about that because this is a public blog and I didn't want the world to know my house was empty.  But I will share with you a little about our fun vacation before I forget.

My mother would be so disappointed that I wasn’t completely packed for vacation at least 2 weeks before we were set to leave. But I think I did pretty good. I had to work on Friday but had planned to leave after lunch. My thought was that if I could get on the road by 2pm, then I’d feel like we were doing good. Using MapQuest, I found a Hampton Inn in Macon, GA and made a reservation since we were planning to drive about ½ way on Friday afternoon. Steve was going to run the van in to the shop to get a small oil leak fixed before we left. The shop originally told him to be there at 7am so he was going to do that, then come back and pack the van and then pick me up from work and we’d head out. Thursday night, the shop called and said just to come in at 10. So Steve packed up the van before he left, drove all the way out there just to find that the wait was 3 hours to even start on it. NOT. GONNA. WORK. So, he and Jenna got some lunch and then came on to the office. I finished up my work lunch and then we got on the road.

I think we actually got on the road at 1pm Nashville time, so that wasn’t too bad. An hour before my goal and WAY better than an hour behind which is what I figured it would be. However, I had really busted my butt and put in some hours at work that week so I would feel good about leaving. If you can believe it, we hit very little traffic going through Atlanta and found the hotel easily. I gotta give Hampton props (actually, I think Hilton owns them). I have not yet stayed in a bad Hampton. I’m sure plenty of you have, but don’t tell me about it (unless you know I’m going to the same Hampton!). There was some kind of large group staying there with a bunch of teens who play tennis. The lobby was full of adults and kids but the front desk clerk was super friendly and made me laugh. The room was nice and clean and despite the large number of kids, tweens, teens and adults, we never heard any running or loud talking at all.

After checking in, we ate at Cheddars.  I was very excited since I'd never eaten there before.  But the service wasn't great and neither was the food.  We were kind of disappointed.

None of us slept that well, but I guess that’s to be expected when you are in a different bed than your own. I finally got up at 8am (which is 7am home time) because my back was killing me and I couldn’t get comfortable. I showered and by the time I was done Steve, Jenna and Katie were up. We enjoyed a yummy, free continental breakfast at the Hampton, checked out and got on the road. We did OK until the GPS took us down these backroads to get to our destination rather than the interstate. We made a quick backtrack and only lost about 20 minutes.

We arrived to the resort at about 3:15 Eastern time, but the room wasn't ready until after 5pm so we took time to fill up with gas and just look around the resort.  Once we got checked in, we did the obligatory walk to the beach where Jenna pretends she is not going to get wet in her clothes, but ends up getting soaked.

Once we got back to the room and her changed and us unpacked, we ordered room service (which was DELISH!) and then got in bed...

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