We're havin' a BABY!!!!

Yes, it's true...we're havin' a baby!!!

Micah went for her weekly checkup today and her blood pressure was a little high. The OB sent her to the hospital for some blood work mostly to ensure her liver enzymes were OK. The high blood pressure can be a sign of impending toxemia. I had PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) when I was pregnant with Jenna, and they induced me two weeks early because of it, although I had the swelling to match. The bloodwork came back and showed everything was fine. She had little to no swelling, but the higher than normal blood pressure was enough for them to decide to keep her and go ahead and induce. She's about 38 1/2 weeks right now, so the best course of action is to induce.

Originally, she was hooked up and found to be having contractions 2 minutes apart, but after a while, they decided those were probably a result of her being a tad bit dehydrated from the vomiting she's had due to the extreme reflux. So, they were going to do the progestin (sp?) gel to soften her cervix, but then couldn't because policy states if you are contracting, they can't give you anything like that. I don't really understand the policy, but it is what it is. So, they upped her IV fluids (yes, the IV was certainly an adventure!) to see if that would cure the dehydration causing the contractions so they could apply the gel. However, the fluid didn't do that, so the doctor on call ordered pitocin at a very low level. Micah is only dilated to 1cm and probably just 50% effaced still, so we have a long way to go. They started the pitocin at 1 (which is where they started mine) and they anticipate not having a delivery until tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening. I don't think they'll let her go past tomorrow night.

Anyway, this does put a slight kink in plans for our trip to Chattanooga, which Jenna doesn't really understand, but if Micah does delivery tomorrow afternoon or evening, I will still head on up to Chattanooga after the birth because she'll be discharged on Friday and will have plenty of help from her mother and her side of the family at this point.

I'll keep you posted as I can. I just got home and it's almost 11pm, so I'm going to grab some soup (which is ready by the way) and then get some zzzzzzz's. I will post just as soon as I can tomorrow to let you know the update. I'm taking my laptop to the hospital, but not sure if they've got a wireless connection. We'll see....maybe I can find a hook up somewhere.

More later...

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