Baby update-day 1

So far, so good...Micah is doing well today. She slept much better last night than the night before. They gave her a pain pill by mouth to take the edge off the pain because she didn't want anything through the IV to make her sleepy. That worked and she kept him in the room until about 1am and then went to bed. They brought him back early this morning and she nursed him (or tried, she said he was zonked) and so she had a pretty good night. She had ordered chicken tenders for lunch and a cheeseburger for dinner, so it's good that she was eating.

Barring any unforeseen complications, she'll be discharged tomorrow and I think she's going to stay at her mom's house this weekend.

I'm posting this from Chattanooga where Jenna and I started our trip just a day later than expected. I have really been pushed and pulled from many directions the past few weeks, so I needed this time away and with Jenna. Poor thing, she's really gotten the short straw with me lately. So, today was our day and then tomorrow Steve will join us and we'll spend the rest of the weekend together. We are hoping to head back on Sunday morning in enough time to visit with Micah and the baby. Today, Jenna and I went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch, walked around downtown Chattanooga and then swam in the indoor pool at the hotel. Now she is chomping at the bit to get dinner. I think we'll eat in the hotel restaraunt and then walk around outside to get some pictures...tomorrow when Steve arrives, we'll do the Aquarium, IMAX and then the Ducks tour (this is a land/river tour in one of those amphibious vehicles...cool!) So far, it's been just what the doctor ordered.

As for my dad, I convinced him yesterday to go to the doctor to see what was giving him such awful nights and the doc thought he had pneumonia (which is extremely dangerous for someone with COPD/emphysema), but luckily, the scans showed only bronchitis which should be easily fixed with antibiotics! PHEW!

Thanks for all your well wishes and blessing for me, Steve, Micah and the baby. We are very excited and I cannot wait to get home to see them both. I think Micah is starting to realize how very much we love her because it's how much she loves little Gage...only a mother can understand that love.

I do have wireless internet in the hotel (and free!), so I will post again...

Signing off as..... "MIMI" (the name Gage will call me)


The Millsaps said...

Here's to a wonderful, fantastic, restful, relaxing weekend!! You deserve it.

Tracey said...

Congratulations on the new arrival!!!

Have fun on your much needed time away.