Not much going on this week. I thought I would post earlier in the week, but you all know how the week gets away from you and then it's two weeks and you realize you haven't posted in a while! So, we'll get right to it...

Micah had her doctor's appointment on Wednesday afternoon and it was a huge disappointment to her, I'm sure. NO CHANGE. Still 1 cm dilated, she is 50% effaced and the baby is in position. She gained no weight, BP was unchanged (and normal) and no protein. Baby's heartbeat was about the same as last week too...so literally NO CHANGE! I think she was disappointed because everyone got all excited when they found out she'd already begun to dilate. Now I remember that anticipation and disappointment. They did tell her that they'd induce a week past her due date if she didn't deliver by then. She also asked about not being able to eat and they told her that the baby was just getting to the size where he was squishing all her organs (including her stomach) so when she eats, she takes two or three bites and feels full. They told her to try and graze all day long instead. She's really struggling right now with reflux, so they are trying to get that under control to make her as comfortable as possible through the next few weeks. Thanks to my good friend Danette Morgan for her tips last night. Micah was THRILLED to get some relief!!!

As for my Thailand trip, I've received two more donations bringing my total to three...one from one of my good high school buds and the other from a co-worker (who was extremely generous). I've had a handful of others commit verbally, but I haven't gotten anything yet and if they sent it on to the church, I won't know until I ask for a balance. However, the coolest thing is that an "anonymous donor" donated $200 through the church!!!! WOW!!! I happen to know who that donor was, but since they did want to remain "ANONYMOUS", I'll just say a big THANK YOU here...I know they are checking my blog...LOVE YOU ALL!!!

To put a rather interesting spin on things, Steve is thinking of going on his "own" mission trip to Moldova in July! Moldova is in Eastern Europe between the Ukraine and Romania. If he goes, he'll go to help with a mission called Sweet Sleep started by one of our own members at BBC. They go all over the area building new beds for orphanages. Our good friend David Millsap is going and has invited and encouraged Steve to go...so, we'll see. We might be jugglingg our beach vacation plans a little due to Steve not having much time off, but we will see what comes of it. For all of you prayer warriors out there, I encourage you to pray for Steve as he makes this decision.

As for everything else, mostly it's status quo. I just got over a sinus infection/cold/allergy attack and while my symptoms are all gone, my sinuses still hurt. I love Spring and Fall, but sure wish my allergies would behave! Everyone at work is or has been sick. And if they haven't been, they will be!

Also, one last prayer request...y'all pray for my Dad. Some of you know the issues there and some don't, but he's really not doing well at all. He'll be 80 in July and he's really struggling right now with a myriad of issues. I'd appreciate it if you remember him and my dear, dear stepmother, Bertie. As you can imagine, watching someone you love go through this struggle isn't easy and she has become for all intents and purposes, his primary caregiver which is truly a thankless job.

Well, I'll post more when I know more. Until then....TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!

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