News from "the Hill"

Why does it seem that some days I have absolutely nothing to write about and others I have more news than I have space?

Steve has decided to go to Moldova in July on a mission trip with Brentwood Baptist. He's already asked off at work and we have it on the calendar! YAY! Of course, this brings up the idea that I'm going to be a "single mom" for that entire week which has never happened before. I'm always the one traveling and he's always the one left at home to hold down the fort. I'm sure if I thought about it enough, I might get a little bit panicky...but he's going with David Millsap, the husband of lifetime friend Rachel Millsap (formerly Morgan for those of you that go WAY back with me) and so I feel a little better since David's been on a trip before. Plus, their family lives near us now so Rachel and I are already planning a slumber party for the girls (big and little!) for one or two of the nights we'll spend alone. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be hearing much more about that in the coming months.

We most likely will not be traveling to the beach in Jacksonville in August because of Steve's lack of vacation time, however, I'm contemplating taking Jenna down to Gulf Shores, AL for a few days, then traveling back up and visiting with my friend Kylene who is moving to Huntsville in a few weeks. Of course, I'll take the opportunity to visit with my friend Cathy W. while I'm there. We're hoping if this pans out that Steve can again join us that Thursday or Friday for a few days at a water park and maybe visiting the space center...not to mention, I'll be able to see Kylene's new addition again! (Baby Shelby is due April 20th)

Another piece of good news is that Chase had an interview for a medical records tech position at the Frist Clinic in Nashville today. It's an entry level position, but it does get his foot in the door at a clinic affiliated with a healthcare facility since he's wanting to go to school in the fall to be a radiology tech. This assumes he even gets the job. I've pulled as many strings as I can, so the rest is up to the Lord!

This coming Wednesday morning, I'm leaving to take Jenna to Chattanooga. I took off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for her spring break and thought there is no way we'll be able to spend the entire week/end here without getting bored out of our minds, so I decided to take those days off and head there. Steve can't take off that much, so he's going to come up Friday morning. The hotel has a indoor pool which we can do on Wednesday afternoon when we arrive, then we'll try to do the Aquarium and Railroad museum after Steve gets there, but then we have Ruby Falls, Rock City, The Discovery Museum and the Imax until then. I'm really looking forward to the time away with Jenna. I've had lots and lots on my mind lately and I'm needing some time away not to mention some Mommy and me time with my baby girl.

Micah is doing the same. Her next appointment is tomorrow. She's really been struggling with reflux mostly at night, but it's not just normal reflux. It's making her sick to her stomach in more ways than one. She is only able to eat chicken noodle soup and the doctor thinks she might be having some gall bladder trouble. They are going to do an ultrasound on it tomorrow when she goes in. My guess is that absent an immediate danger, they will go ahead and set an induction date for the following week if she hasn't gone on her own by then. (she's due 3/31) She is miserable enough that I wouldn't be surprised if we had to stay close to home this week because of a baby! We'll see and I'll post as soon as I can.

For those of you that have been asking about my Dad, please keep on praying. The latest doctor's visit revealed he has only 22% lung capacity. Should pneumonia strike, it could be very dangerous for him. Needless to say, he's not taking the news too well. They made the mistake of telling him that he is eligible for hospice care now. Of course, he relates this to ALIVE hospice which are the wonderful people who come and care for the terminally ill in their last weeks/months etc. This is a different service for him because obviously, he's not that close to death, but I'm sure that's exactly what it sounded like to him. And having to be dependent on anyone is really a blow to your independence. Anyway, just remember him and of course all of us who have to care for him in some form or fashion.

Steve has an x-ray on his knee later this week...been having some knee pain he's just telling me about and they are thinking it might be a nerve problem.

I've received several checks for my Thailand trip and to each of you generous donors, THANK YOU! I've turned them all in to the church and they are being applied to my account. For those of you that have sent money directly to the church, they'll give me an updated account balance in the next few weeks. I'm really getting excited. Closer to the time of my departure, I'll begin to do a countdown. And then I'll blog and update those 10 prayer partners (you know who you are!) via email!

OK, well, that's enough...we'll keep you posted. I'll try to update everyone tomorrow after I hear from Micah. After that, it'll probably be quiet until we get back from Chattanooga Sunday (unless we are called home earlier!)

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