A loss & new addition


I'm very sad to report that while his owner was out of town on vacation, Bluebell Henry 'BLUE', escaped the confines of his home and was tragically caught in traffic. His owner, Sherri, was able to find enough to identify her beloved pet. Blue wasn't very old and was a sweet, loving cat. We were able to help him when he was still a kitten recently rescued from the shelter. Micah took him to her vet clinic at the time and was able to get him on the road to recovery, so as you can see, we had ties to this sweet cat and he will be missed very, very much by not just us, but Sherri as well. Please remember Sherri as she works through the loss of her furbaby.


Despite the loss, Sherri was able to give another unfortunate kitty a home this week. A beautiful black cat, who has yet to be named, now takes up residence in both Sherri's home and her heart. Right now, a transition continues with incumbent cat Buttercup Henry, but we are certain that "No Name" will find his place in her home too. I'll update you on the name as soon as I find out.

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