So much exciting news!!!!

There's several exciting things going on right now, so I'll do my best to hit them all...

Micah and baby Gage
Micah just called from her doctor's appointment and said all went well. She has really been sick this past week and 1/2 with a stomach bug of some kind, but is finally on the mend. The doctor said she was already 1 centimeter dilated and the baby was head down and she could feel the head!!! We are almost there!!! Micah said she thinks she's already lost her mucus plug and has had some "period like" cramps. I think we are on our way! She goes back next week and I told her to ask what station she's at and how effaced she is. I also suggested she get on to the hospital and pre-register as well as making sure her cell phone is always fully charged and her bag is packed. I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of babies...Avery Marie Burgess have arrived
Avery Marie is the new baby daughter of my best friend from high school, Amy Smotherman (who is now Burgess)...she was born weighing a hefty 8lbs 7oz. and was 20 inches long. Welcome to the world Avery Marie and congratulations Amy and Mark!!

Thailand update!
Today marks the very first donation I received for my Thailand trip! The donation came from good friend Laura Whitworth who used to work here at HCA. I've had several others acknowledge receipt of my support letter, but this is my first actual donation! SO EXCITING! I can't wait to see how God will provide. On the mission matter, keep Steve in your prayers...he's going to an informational meeting this Sunday regarding a mission trip to Moldova. We'll see how God works in that respect.

Finally, I'm so proud!!!
Here's a story about my dear, sweet Jenna Grace that happened this weekend while I was on a scrapbooking retreat...my little girl is growing up!

As most of you probably know, Steve is diabetic. He was diagnosed at age 8 (juvenile diabetes) and ever since, he's kept it very well under control. He struggles (oddly enough) with LOW blood sugar more often than high blood sugar. Ever so often, he'll have what you might hear referred to as "insulin shock/reaction" where his blood sugar bottoms out. When this happens, he becomes sweaty, spastic (almost like a mini-seizure) and generally unresponsive (this is hard to describe unless you've seen it happen). Anyway, Jenna has been around many times when it's happened and she knows that usually I get him a Coke and a sugar tablet which I have to feed to him because he's not typically in control at this point.

Apparently, Friday afternoon, Steve went into insulin shock (with little warning) at the house. Knowing that she wasn't strong enough to open a Coke for Daddy, Jenna went next door to the neighbor's house, knocked on her door and rang the doorbell until "Ms. Amy" came to the door. She told her that her Daddy was sick and needed "a Coke and a pill". Ms. Amy came right over and called 9-1-1 and got Steve something to drink and by the time the paramedics arrived, Steve was fine again. When asked why Jenna went to Ms. Amy's house (who is a nurse), she said she was going to "Carson's" house, but he lives across the street and she wasn't supposed to cross the road without an adult. :) She said that she told Ms. Amy to call 9-1-1. Amy wasn't sure that Steve was indeed diabetic and Jenna couldn't think of the word to say.

All that to say, I'm just so proud of her for being such a big girl in knowing how to get help and that it was the time to get it. She didn't go across the street or roaming the neighborhood and she didn't even cry. She said her throat felt like it needed to, but she didn't. We have now talked with her about the times it is appropriate to dial 9-1-1 and when it's not and made sure there is an easy-open bottle of OJ and some sugar tablets within her reach should this happen again.

What a big girl my "little girl" is turning into! Next time you see her, give her a big pat on the back...we have continued to praise her for her efforts...

OK, that's all the big news here. Steve's passed 3 kidney stones the past week (OUCH!) and I'm fighting a sinus infection...but we'll survive!

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