3 Years Ago Today…

3 years ago today, a young woman did what was probably the hardest thing she would ever do in her life.

She bundled herself and her newborn baby girl up against the freezing cold and wind and walked down the street in her town.


It was probably in the wee hours of the early morning just before the sun began to peek over the horizon and the cold cut through her like a knife.  She dreaded what she had to do but looking at her baby’s face one last time, knew there was no other choice.

To ensure that her sweet baby girl was found quickly, she put her under the big light pole right outside the gas station in town where she knew the owner would be up shortly.


She wrapped the baby girl up as tight as she could, sat her down and maybe even kissed her cheek and whispered “Wǒ ài nǐ”and then hurried off.  She might have hidden close by to be certain her daughter was found quickly. 

We’ll never know the full story.  At least, not this side of heaven.  But I have to believe leaving that sweet baby girl behind was the hardest thing she ever had to do.



Kylie's newborn pics

But in sacrifice, there is always redemption. 


Happy birthday, my precious miracle, my answer to prayer, my blessing from China.  You have made our lives 100 times more exciting.


I can’t imagine life before you.

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