Looking Back and Catching Up

I don’t really have anything exciting to talk about that is current today.  I will say, I thought about blogging last night and decided I’d rather read instead and so I did.  And that felt SO good.  I think I had sucked all the enjoyment out of blogging by making it something I felt like I had to do every day!  Now that I haven’t put that pressure on myself, I feel like I enjoy it more because I blog when I want to, not when I feel like I have to.
I think I left off about mid-June…right around Jenna’s birthday.  June is always the month our church does VBS.  For a small-ish size regional campus, our VBS is a HOPPING place that week and the days immediately prior to.  Since we are in a small community, the community really comes out for VBS. 
This year, the theme was Colossal Coaster World.  I’m sure many of you right now are humming that catchy tune….yeah, well, that tune was co-written by a fabulous musician in our church named Jeremy Johnson.  He and his wife (who also has a recently released album) have a tremendous testimony that I was honored to watch unfold.  Anyway, because Steve and I both volunteered, Kylie got to attend and of course, this was Jenna’s last year (next time, she’ll have to volunteer!)
Yep, she had a t-shirt too and that’s a chocolate pop-tart in her hand!  I had to be there early since I worked registration and so Steve dressed her.  You can’t see it very well, but she had a super-matchy bow.
This is the future of the church right there.  Train them up…
Because it was her last year, Jenna was able to lead on stage with some fellow 5th graders.  She loved it.  And I loved watching her.  I loved the music and everything about VBS this year.
Both of the girls really enjoyed it.  I hope Jenna will be able to enjoy it again next year as a youth volunteer.  I think she will.  She definitely knows how to handle those kiddos! 
But she was plum tuckered out after the week was over.  We had a friend of hers spend the week with us so she could attend VBS with her. 
One afternoon (evening?), we went out to celebrate Jenna’s birthday at a local Mexican restaurant.  YUM!
June is always a great month.  Smile

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