Just Life

I am happy to report…well…that there’s not much to report!  Life is rocking along.  Work.  School.  Church.  Repeat.

But since I’m trying to do better with my blogging and I’m still so far behind, I thought I’d keep on telling you about my summer.

I think we are heading into July.  Of course we had a big time down in Pegram as is our tradition.  And Steve enjoyed that all of the US celebrated his birthday.  Smile Unfortunately, the actual day was a complete washout so we celebrated on the 20th down in Pegram.  Kylie enjoyed the parade mostly because they throw lots of candy and who doesn’t like candy?



Kylie loved her Uncle Bob!  I think he might like her a little bit too!!


It was a super hot day and the littles in the family enjoyed some pool time!


Jenna and her friend, Gracie, dressed up for the pageant.  It was rigged Smileand so neither of them placed but they had a really great time dressing up.  How cute are they?!?



We had a great day (or two) celebrating.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year for sure.


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