What I’ve Been Waiting For

Ah yes…for several years, I’ve waited for our beach vacation time to arrive.  If we don’t have a mission journey or trip to China planned, in the summer we usually spend a week at a beach somewhere.  Kylie had never been to the beach, so towards the end of July, we were off! 

The chosen destination was Pensacola Beach, Florida.  A friend of ours gave a glowing recommendation for a condo “on the beach” there.  I put that in quotes because we’ve stayed in several places that were “on the beach” where we still had to cross a busy road or walk 3 condo high-rises deep or hike 2 miles to the back of the condo complex to actually put our toes in the sand.  So, I was excited, but skeptical.  But OH.  MY.  WORD.

This was the view when I walked in…


Yep.  This beauty is really “on the beach”.  The owners have a parking spot in the underground garage (i.e. the truck was always cool) AND it was literally 2 steps away from the elevators.  The condo was 4 floors up and the front door was literally steps from the elevator when you got off.  It was super economical considering the location and the fact it was peak season. 


It was a sweet little place.  Plenty big for the 4 of us.  The owners were very kind and let Katie stay with us with no additional deposit.  Because the condo is individually owned, they have the right to refuse even a service animal (they have a no pets policy) but they didn’t.  And while I’d like to keep this little jewel all to myself, I also want to thank the Neals for allowing us to visit by sending some business their way.  You can find out more about the condo here if you are interested.  But if this doesn’t convince you, maybe this will…


No?  What about this?


It was very beautiful there.  We were able to make the trip down in a very easy 8 hours or so.  We left early and really just took our time and it was perfect.


I had waited so long for this.  And also to watch Kylie…I was praying she would like the sand because the beach is no fun if you hate sand.  And sand definitely can get on your nerves, but if I have to choose between the beach and the pool then beach will always win out.  Here is Kylie’s first few steps EVER onto the warm sand.  Judge for yourself…

There’s so much more to show you…so I’ll have to break it up into small posts…I’ll try not to stretch it out too long.  After all, it was JUST a beach vacation…

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