Frozen and Transitions

Well, our heat’s out upstairs.  The low tonight is supposed to be in the mid teens and tomorrow night in the single digits.  All our bedrooms are upstairs, so we are making do with blankets and space heaters.  The A/C guy is coming tomorrow and I pray we don’t need a whole new unit.  That would STINK.

Today we had our transitional meeting for Kylie.  Since she has been home with us, she qualified for speech therapy through the state in a program called Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS).  For those who aren’t familiar with this, it is a program of the state which provides a variety of services for children with a range of special needs whether it be occupational, physical, speech, developmental etc.  Kylie originally qualified for speech so thanks to the state of TN, she received free speech therapy two times a week for 1 hour each time.  We have grown to love her sweet speech therapist!  But the day she turns 3, she ages out of the early intervention program and hopefully morphs into the services provided by the public school system.

Today was our transitional meeting where we find out her test results and what, if any, services she qualifies for.  For us, we knew the only piece Kylie would even come remotely close to needing were speech services.  This is different than language services.  Speech is what she is saying and that includes intelligibility and language is pretty much the understanding of what is being spoken.  Kylie understands almost everything we say, but most of what she says isn’t understandable to anyone but us and most times we have no idea either unless she’s repeating something or she says something in context (like “Where Dad go?” after Steve has left the house).

At transition, there are three options.  1.  Qualifies for no services 2. Qualifies for drop in speech therapy. 3. Qualifies for the preschool program.

It’s quite a bittersweet issue because if you qualify for nothing it means your child is almost or all caught up (which is a good thing).  Alternately, if you qualify for the preschool program (which is like 4 days a week, 3 hours a day), then your child still needs help.  Because we have the blessing of a wonderful, Christian Parent’s Day Out for Kylie on Monday/Wednesday, we were hoping she would fall in the middle and just qualify for drop in speech where she could continue with her PDO program.  And during the meeting today, we found out that’s just EXACTLY what they felt would benefit her most!  And they can accommodate her Tuesday/Thursday open schedule, not to mention the school is closer to home than the facility she was going to for speech therapy.   I love how God just worked that right out!

And now, I leave you with something a lot warmer than my upstairs right now…


This is Jenna after we first arrived at our condo.  It was kinda overcast, but it was also late in the day…


Wishful thinking, but yes, you can see Jenna has already changed into her swimsuit.


Here she goes!  Literally the first time her little Asian feet have touched sand on a beach!




After.  Sans everything but diaper. 



Ah…these girls…

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