Brrrrr…Icy Sunday!

So today has been interesting.  First, weather predictions had us getting several inches of snow this afternoon and very bitterly cold temps (for this area of the country, that is).  As time passed, they ended up changing the predictions.  What happened is the rain moved in while the temps were still in the 50s.  As it was still raining, the temps dropped quickly and drastically.  Which meant the rain turned into sleet and then a little snow to top it off.  The temps now remain below freezing and are dropping into the single digits overnight so who knows what the roads will be like in the morning.  Luckily, Jenna doesn’t go back to school until Tuesday anyway and Kylie doesn’t start Mother’s Day Out until Wednesday.  Our temps aren’t supposed to get about freezing until mid-day Wednesday. 

Kylie is supposed to have her annual follow-up with the plastic surgeon in the morning.  I’m guessing that’s not going to happen.  I’m a little disappointed because I really wanted to know what the timeline for our next surgeries are and how he thinks she is progressing, but I guess we’ll reschedule for the next few months.

Now back to catching up…to warmer days.  This past May was pretty exciting.  Our family celebrated a milestone birthday of my brother in law…


Then, my friend Jennifer visited again and we were able to cross an item off my bucket list in meeting SCC!

May flew by with the end of school and before we knew it, we were in full summer swing!  More to come on that.  Smile


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